Area Rug Padding Installation

Placing an area rug on a floor without padding can result in damage to the rug as well as danger to those who walk on it. Padding varies based on rug size and material, so make sure you select the right area rug.

Keeping an area rug flat is important for how it will wear. A pad can help stabilize and protect your rug. The general rule for pad selection is that the area rug should be no more than 1/8” to 1/4” from the floor. You’ll find thicker padding made of jute, felt, thick synthetic foam or rubber. Thin padding is usually made of rubber or nonskid vinyl. Some rugs come with a non-skid backing or a foam padding already attached. To ensure correct sizing, buy your pad at the same time as the rug.

Benefits of area rug pads

  • Rug pads provide a solid foundation for your rugs and help prevent wrinkling and slippage. This makes vacuuming and walking on your rug easier, which helps extend its life.
  • In addition to providing comfort and cushioning underfoot, a quality rug pad absorbs the impact of foot traffic, reducing wear on the rug’s surface.
  • Rug pads protect the bottom of your rug which is often the spot that wears out first.
  • Rug Pads also protect your floors by preventing the transfer of color and eliminating the potential for abrasion from the rug’s backing.