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While Great Lakes Carpet & Tile proudly serves Wildwood, Lady Lake, and Leesburg with quality flooring products, we also carry beautiful countertops from the finest brands, including Caesarstone, Cambria, Phoenix, and Silestone. Contact us to learn more about countertops, or visit one of our showroom locations in Central Florida!

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Cambria is driven by passion and is committed to sustainability as well as customer service. All of Cambria's products are made in the USA of only the finest natural quartz and are all backed by an exceptional warranty. See how Cambria can help you transform your bathroom or kitchen.

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When it comes to designing or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, your choice of countertops is an extremely important factor. Countertops see a lot of action; they come in contact with spills, toothpaste, hot pans or hair tools, and so much more. You'll want to make sure yours are built to last!

Countertop | Great Lakes Carpet & Tile
Countertop | Great Lakes Carpet & Tile

There are a variety of materials available today for countertops, and no single material is best for all surfaces. Our in-house designers will show you our huge selection of granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite countertops while answering all your questions about quality care and maintenance after your installation.

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Considering new countertops? Visit our Wildwood location! We have slabs available in a variety of neutral shades including white, cream, gray, tan, brown, black, and gold. No two slabs are alike. We know we can help you choose the best countertop solution for your home.

How to choose

Which stone is right

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Quartz is the pinnacle of stone performance. Most of these products are made of 93% quartz and 7% resin for a look that requires little maintenance and won't stain. Whether you’re looking for a classic stone look or a more modern look, there is a huge selection of quartz to choose from.


Quartzite is quickly becoming the gold standard for those who want tough, reliable countertops that not only looks amazing but can also withstand a lot of abuse. Quartzite has the look of marble with the hardness of granite. In fact, quartzite is harder than granite and some types are relatively non-porous.

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Granite is dense and durable. It is resistant to heat and scratching, but it is not a “scratch-proof” product. Each piece of granite varies in denseness and scratch resistance. With many colors and styles to choose from, granite is the most commonly used stone for countertops.


Marble is a beautiful and luxurious stone, used in many bathrooms and kitchens. However, it is porous, susceptible to both scratching and staining. It's also sensitive to many chemicals and food products, such as lemon and lime juice. Marble requires regular sealing in order to prevent etching and staining.

Countertop | Great Lakes Carpet & Tile
Countertop | Great Lakes Carpet & Tile
Countertop | Great Lakes Carpet & Tile

Bathroom design & installation

Let Great Lakes Carpet & Tile work with you to help you design the bathroom you've always wanted! 

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