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Loloi serves a community of designers, decorators, and homebodies. These are people who care deeply about objects acquired for their home—from the materials they source to the textures they develop.

Loloi Rug | Great Lakes Carpet & Tile

Bringing new life to an old craft

In India, Loloi rugs are still crafted the old-world way. Every step of the process—whether it be the dip-dyeing of wool or the intricate task of weaving—is done by hand, where proud artisans keep this time-honored tradition alive.

Loloi Rugs | Great Lakes Carpet & Tile
Loloi | Great Lakes Carpet & Tile

Loloi is proud to partner with GoodWeave, a non-profit company that audits their factories in India. This ensures no child, forced, or bonded labor is used to make their rugs.


Considering every detail

Loloi rugs are designed for particular people, by particular people. It’s why they obsess over colors and create new, intricate textures that are made to last. The result? Beautifully-designed rugs that will look great now—and decades from now.

Loloi Rugs | Great Lakes Carpet & Tile
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