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Vinyl Installation

While easy enough to install for most DIYers, we recommend a professional installation to ensure lasting results. Learn more.

The vinyl installation process

Although easy enough for most DIYers to install, having your vinyl installed by professionals will ensure lasting results that won't void any manufacturer's warranties. 

Before your installation

We will coordinate everything, including sending out an estimator to measure rooms. In addition, you can expect our installers to move heavy furniture, remove trim and floor molding, and prep the subfloor for installation. 

Installation options

Depending on the product you've chosen, your vinyl installation might be:

Glue down – Glue down typically provides a more stable finished product. Tiles or planks are held more securely to the subfloor and no hollowness felt when walked on. Glue down also allows you the option to use coordinating grout for a more realistic stone or ceramic look. Luxury vinyl tile grout is a premixed sanded acrylic product that resists stains and does not need to be sealed.

Floating – Floating and grip-strip installation make for a quick and easy glueless option. These are often the only suitable solution for high-moisture areas that would damage wood-based products or destabilize an adhered vinyl installation.
Luxury vinyl planks with grip-strip edges join easily together with pre-applied contact adhesive on interlocking edges. 

Click – Click locking systems feature a distinctive tongue-and-groove shape that establishes a tight connection during installation. Flooring sections can be installed by positioning pieces at an angle and gently exerting force until the pieces click into place. In the tongue and groove installation method, the two piece slide together.

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