Getting Started

Planning a Project

Be prepared for each stage of the process by following this handy guide!

Planning your next


There are a few things to keep in mind as you do so. Simply buying your flooring and arranging for installation isn't enough! Know exactly what to expect by following the helpful steps below. 


The very first step is to consider your flooring needs. Do you have kids and pets? Will your floors need to stand up to spills, scratches, and high levels of activity? If so, you might want luxury vinyl. If you’re installing new flooring in a bathroom, you may consider ceramic tile. Your needs will determine the type of flooring best suited for a particular area of your home.


Once you've considered your flooring needs, you'll need to measure the affected rooms and calculate their areas. For a rectangular room, simply multiply the length and width in feet to calculate the square footage needed. It is important to always add an additional ten percent in square feet needed to account for flooring waste as it is installed.


Before looking at flooring products, determine your budget. You'll need to budget not just for the materials themselves but for cleaning products, flooring removal, and tools if you decide to install your flooring yourself. 

Next, determine how much you can afford in flooring material per square foot. This will help you stay on budget. You can also get a free in-home estimate from the team at Great Lakes Carpet & Tile.


Now comes the fun part: getting inspired! Whether you browse home design magazines, watch HGTV, use Pinterest, or look at our flooring inspiration galleries, there are many ways to get your creative juices flowing.


When you're ready to get started, contact the helpful and experienced team at Great Lakes Carpet & Tile. We have showrooms in Wildwood, Leesburg, and Lady Lake, and we're ready to help you make the best choice for your home and your lifestyle.