How Can Carpet Cleanings Benefit You?

There are a lot of reasons people may choose to have their carpets cleaned. Here are some popular reasons you may want to consider professional carpet cleaning:

  • Stains or odors that linger. These can come from smoking or food/drink spills.
  • Pets. Pet dander can trigger allergies. Pets can have accidents, which are hard to completely remove from carpeting.
  • Wear and tear. Not having carpets cleaned regularly can increase wear and tear. This can cause carpeting to be replaced more quickly than necessary, which can be more costly.

How Does Great Lakes Carpet & Tile Stand Apart From Other Cleaners?

Many professional cleaners utilize a “one-type-fits-all” method. Carpet cleaning can also be overpriced. We do things differently at Great Lakes Carpet & Tile. We don’t use a stock cleaning formula. Here are a few more reasons we are a step above our competition:

  • Personalized cleaning plans. We will come and inspect your carpet’s current condition to create a personalized cleaning plan. We inspect wear patterns, current carpet conditions, heavily stained areas, and any areas that require delicate care.
  • Safe cleaning materials. We use nontoxic chemicals that are safe for your whole family.
  • Deep cleaning and sealing. Our cleaners get beneath the carpet’s surface for a deeper cleaning. This helps draw out dirt and odors from carpeting and leaves them fresh.
  • Fast service. We have shorter cleaning times, leaving you more time to enjoy your clean home. We also provide flexible scheduling.
  • Professionally licensed technicians. Our cleaning technicians are professional and licensed, so you can expect high quality service, every time.
  • Affordability. We can perform cleanings for anyone, even people on a tighter budget.
  • Superior customer service. We have friendly consultants available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Detailed care instructions. We leave you detailed care instructions following each cleaning to ensure your cleaning lasts.

Contact Us Today!

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