What do I need to know about pets and carpets?

With pets that tend to scratch, a cut pile carpet is better and safer. Pet toenails can get snagged in loop carpeting, causing fraying and unraveling as well as and possible injury to the pet.

How do I choose the right carpet for my room?

Consider how the room is used. In high-traffic areas such as a family room or stairs, a dense loop pile carpet made of durable nylon will hold up beautifully. For rooms with outside or pet access, or where food and drinks are served, look for carpets with soil- and stain-resistant treatments. In areas receiving direct sunlight, choose a carpet that resists fading. For low-activity spaces like bed rooms and living rooms, why not enjoy the opulence of a soft, luxurious plush carpet?

It is necessary to have a carpet pad?

Choosing the right carpet padding is as important as the carpet itself. Carpet padding contributes to a soft, more comfortable feel while helping to minimize room noise. Most important, padding extends the useful life of your carpet.

How can I avoid permanent indentations?

Heavy foot traffic or the weight of furniture can eventually cause your carpet pile to compress. Rotating furniture will help reduce indentations as well as redirect foot traffic.

What causes new carpet smell and what can be done about it?

New carpet smell comes from the synthetic latex binder used to hold carpet fibers and backing together. This smell is not harmful and will dissipate usually with 72 hours. You can speed up air circulation by opening windows and doors during installation or use an exhaust fan.