Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Part of the beauty of hardwood floors is just how easy they are to care for. Simply sweep or vacuum regularly to pick up dust and dirt, and occasionally damp mop with a recommended hardwood floor cleaner. To protect your floor’s finish, use floor protectors under heavy furniture and mats at entryways to catch outdoor grit and moisture. Get into the practice of removing shoes in the home. This will go a long way to eliminating virtually all of the tracked-in dirt that can damage your wood floor’s finish.

What is the best cleaning routine for wood floors?

Sweep or vacuum regularly to pick up dirt, grit and particles that can damage the surface of the wood. Use a vacuum with a soft-bristle brush or felt type attachment to get in between boards and other hard to reach areas. Be sure the wheels of the vacuum are also clean so they don’t damage the finish. Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar head.

Wipe up spills as soon as they happen. Never wet mop or steam clean a wood floor. For deeper cleaning, use an approved floor cleaner and work in small areas using a slightly damp mop.

What’s the best hardwood floor cleaner to use?

Hardwood flooring manufacturers recommend specific recommended cleaning products for prefinished wood floors. Using a recommended floor cleaner will keep your warranty intact.

Do I have to refinish my floor if the finish become dull?

When your floor begins to look a little dull, use a wood floor cleaner formulated specifically to renew the luster. Check your warranty for manufacturer’s recommendations. Be sure to use the product as directed and use only products that are compatible with your wood floor. The wrong type of cleaning product could damage the finish.

Are floor protectors necessary or effective?

One of the biggest hardwood maintenance issues is scratches that occur when furniture is regularly moved back and forth across flooring. Chairs, kitchen tables, desk sets are the biggest contributors. Floor protectors will greatly help reduce the likelihood of scratches. Screw-on or stick-on protectors with a nylon or plastic base offer more durability than felt protectors.

Do I need to wax on my hardwood floors?

Prefinished wood floors do not require periodic waxing to maintain their luster. Most hardwood floors today have some type of urethane finish and will become sticky and cloudy if a paste wax is applied. If your floor begins to look a little dull, use a wood floor cleaner formulated specifically to renew the luster.